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This thread is for comments about our Lady Vashj Challenge guide. Quote; Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Guest JayD The main problem with Hearthstone decks + solo adventures is that, on the hardest bosses, success depends on you getting the right card order AND the opponent getting the wrong card order. So in this case you need minions first and a bit of removal, then. Lady Vashj, as seen in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. To this day, Lady Vashj still serves her master Illidan in the wastes of Outland. Though her heart and loyalties lie with her Queen and her race, Vashj enjoys working with Illidan and sowing discord and terror wherever she can. (MoM 189 lady vashj solo (for battle pet) has anyone done this? i sat there killing water elementals for 5 minutes straight and not a single core, i can't imagine this is working as intended, has something changed am i doing something wrong? just want to kill her stupid immune to damage bosses ugh. Reply With Quote. 2013-05-24, 12:19 AM #2. Schirmy. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View. Lady Vashj. Race: Naga: Base unit: Naga Sea Witch: Faction: Illidan's Naga: Statistics Hit points: 925: Mana: 750: Unit Classified As: Ground Level: 10: Combat Normal attack: 52-58 Range: 600 Attack type: Hero: Defense Type: Hero Armor: 5 Hero Parameters Primary Attribute: Intelligence: Strength: 33 (+ Agility: 23 (+ Intelligence: 50 (+ This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft.

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  1. so you're trying to solo Lady Vashj and at one point this happens. Imgur. 16 comments. share. save hide report. 70% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Sort by. best. level 1. 7 points · 5 years ago. You can actually skip all the mechanics in Lady Vashj's encounter. All you do is drag her out to the ledge in the water, just make sure to.
  2. There is no required boss order in this zone, as there are several paths from the zone-in to Lady Vashj. The main 'cavern' is composed of a collection of large bridges and platforms above water. By using waterwalking you can start pretty much anywhere. Creative mechanics will be needed to begin waterwalking so you don't break the water when you jump down onto it (paladin bubbles, Slow Fall.
  3. Used in the Lady Vashj encounter. Kommentar von 12849 Hot potato? Kommentar von Harbinger It drops from Tainted Water Elementals in Vashj encounter, phase 2 in order to proceed to phase 3. Also make sure looting mode is FFA and not master looter, there is a known bug atm, should be fixed next patch (2.1.0). Kommentar von Anomis /USE Tainted core /y *****Tainted core to: %t!!!! /s *****Tainted.
  4. Kill Lady Vashj (if she gets to 99 buffs will kill you eventually if you don't take down the tainted pillars) and the waters cool off (and the fish re-spawn) so you can deal with the Lurker and catch another round of loot from the mobs on the platforms (they also re-spawn after killing Lady Vashj). Everything else seems the same with regards to soloing this raid
  5. Used in the Lady Vashj encounter. Comment by 12849 Hot potato? Comment by Harbinger It drops from Tainted Water Elementals in Vashj encounter, phase 2 in order to proceed to phase 3. Also make sure looting mode is FFA and not master looter, there is a known bug atm, should be fixed next patch (2.1.0). Comment by Anomis /USE Tainted core /y *****Tainted core to: %t!!!! /s *****Tainted core to.
  6. WoW-Guide: Thron der Gezeiten. 02.12.2010 um 11:30 Uhr von Dietrich Jähnert - In den dunkelsten Tiefen der Gewässer von Vashj'ir liegt der Thron der Gezeiten. Hier kämpft Ihr auf der Seite von.

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  1. Lady Vashj Queen of the Naga. A Ranged Support providing healing and utility as she spends her Mana. Once a handmaiden of Queen Azshara, Vashj and the Naga were cast deep into the sea by the Great Sundering. From there, she joined Illidan, rallying many to his following. Tips:-Due to her Trait, try to save Vashj's Mana for when you or an ally are in a pinch. If you run out of Mana in the.
  2. Dort traf er auf Lady Vashj und eine Gruppe von Naga. Vashj und viele der Naga konnten sich an ihn von vor der Teilung erinnern. Sie wussten, wie berüchtigt er war und was er für eine Macht hatte. Jetzt, wo er zur Hälfte Dämon war respektierten sie seine Macht noch mehr und waren einverstanden ihn zu dienen
  3. Lady Vashj,la bruja de mar naga,jefes de los nagas siervos de illidan.Tras la muerte de illidan,empezo un nuevo plan,un plan que solo benificiaría a su especie,los nagas. El plan consiste en drenar el abundante agua de la Marisma de Zangar para inundar todo terrallende y que asi,pueda retornar su antigua reina,Azshara
  4. Orders from Lady Vashj. This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed. Deliver the Orders from Lady Vashj to Ysiel Windsinger at the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh. Description This letter contains detailed orders to the Coilfang naga operating the steam vaults. It warns of the arrival of Cenarion druids into the region and orders them to be slain on sight. The.
  5. Lady Vashj is outshadowed by the two kaldorei, since she have been (as Ragestorm said) underwater, and even if her bow works there, she was a handmaiden running affairs for Azshara when Tyrande and Shandris fought the burning legion (during the war of the ancients), and was never much of a warrior. When it comes down to Tyrande and Shandris, it is Shandris' thing to be extremely talented.
  6. Getting to Vashj'ir as a Horde f2p can be an adventure. After attempting to swim across from the shores of Dun Morogh on my sea turtle I died from fatigue. This wouldn't normally be a problem but my ghost appeared next to the Crossroads. No biggie, just run your little ghost legs to Org and take the zeppelin to Stranglethorn Vale. Run north along the coast and try again. Once you get to Vashj.

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