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Sometime prior to 2267, Spock received a Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor for his accomplishments in the field of science. (TOS episode: Court Martial) External link Edit. Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek Luckily the DC/IDW Star Trek /Legion of Super-Heroes cross-over book avoids that trap. Jeffrey and Philip Moy have succeeded admirably in blending the intense color and dramatic styling of a superhero book with the late 1960's visual splash of the original Star Trek series. More importantly Chris Roberson's plotting and dialog fits neatly into either books' universe and he includes just. Directed by Rob Bowman. With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn. Under an Officers Exchange Program, Riker serves aboard a Klingon ship, whose aging captain seeks an unwarranted bloody retaliation for suspected Enterprise treachery Hinweis: Der Termin jedes Turniers kann als ICS-Datei mit einem Klick auf das jeweilige Datum heruntergeladen werden. Zudem bieten wir einen kompletten Turnierkalendar an: ICS (iCal: webcal). Was ist ICS? Der Kalender kann mit einer ICS-kompatiblen Software (z.B. Mozilla/Calendar oder iCal) abonniert werden

Lead your army into war in Legends of Honor! Fight epic medieval battles and stand victorious over your enemies. Play now for free Star Wars: Legion-tournaments in the next months: Date Tournament Location Seats; October 2020: 2020-10-18. Kampf um Lothal : 78194 Immendingen: 12/18: 2020-10-24. Kampf um Centax 5 800pkt: 10961 Berlin: 4/8: 2020-10-24 [SWLL] Star Wars Legion Erfurt II: 99086 Erfurt: 10/16: 2020-10-31. SW:Legion Skirmish im Gamesroom der Heldenschmiede: 87435 Kempten: 6/8: November 2020: 2020-11-07. Star.

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Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes: Featured Characters: Legion of Super-Heroes Rokk Krinn Garth Ranzz Saturn Girl Shadow Lass Brainiac 5 Chameleon Boy, Rokk Krinn, Garth Ranzz, Saturn Girl, Shadow Lass, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Star Trek Crew Captain James T. Kirk Commander Spock Lt. Commander Leonard McCoy Hikaru Sulu Lt. Nyota Uhura Ensign Pavel Chekov, Captain James T. Kirk, Commander. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes will cost $24.99 and be available at comic retail stores. For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit www.comicshoplocator.com to find a store near you. And keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional news about IDW's upcoming Star Trek comic books. Red Alert! Beam in the latest Star Trek updates! Email. Sign Up. By subscribing to the.

Star Trek is an American media franchise based on the science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry. The first television series, called Star Trek and now known as The Original. Produktinformationen Star Trek/Legion of Super: Heroes Bizarr-geniales Crossover: Die original Crew der ersten Enterprise und die Legion der Superhelden entdecken, dass jemand den Verlauf ihrer Geschichte verändert hat! Um den Verantwortlichen zu finden,. In dem faszinierenden Crossover Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes treffen Captain Kirk und die Besatzung der U.S.S. Enterprise auf die legendären Superhelden der Legion of Super-Heroes aus dem DC-Universum.Gezeichnet von dem langjährigen STAR TREK-Künstler Jeffrey Moy und geschrieben von dem Eisner-prämierten Autor Chris Roberson Chris Pine, 'Star Trek' Fans Honor Anton Yelchin at Debut of 'Love, Antosha' Trailer. 7 · 4 comments . Random question but does anyone know any significance to stardate 42761.9? For some reason whenever I think about Star Trek I think of this particular star date...have done for years but can't remember why!! 3 · 13 comments . Worf & DS9/TNG Movies. 50 · 116 comments . Quentin Tarantino. Noah Hawley goes in-depth on making Fargo Season 4, what happened to his Alien TV series idea at FX, Legion, what he wants to do next, and more

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Play Star Trek Fleet Command on PC for better performances and graphics. Discover our guide to install it on a free Android emulator Star Trek / Legion of Super Heroes (Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes, #1-6) beginnt für beide Gruppierungen zunächst ganz gemächlich. Die Besatzung der Enterprise beginnt ihren Landeurlaub und beamt sich auf die Erde und die Legion der Superhelden kehrt in einer Zeitblase von einer Mission zurück. Beide gelangen auf eine Erde so wie sie sie nicht kennen. Der Autor der Mini Serie ist der. The Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor is awarded by the Vulcan Science Academy for outstanding performances, discoveries or research in the scientific fields. Traditionally, this award went exclusively to officers and enlisted personnel in the Starfleet Sciences Department Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes is a 2011 comic book miniseries, a crossover between the Legion of Super-Heroes and the popular sci-fi TV series, Star Trek.It marks the first time that any crossover has taken place between any part of the Superman Mythos and the Star Trek universe.. Plot. On a return trip to the future aboard their Time Bubble, several members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. «Star Trek»: «Legion»-Macher Noah Hawley dreht den nächsten Film von Sidney Schering 20. November 2019, 14:42 Uhr . Der Kopf hinter der «Fargo»-Fernsehserie wird den neuen Kinofilm in der.

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes The crew of the starship Enterprise and the Legion of Super-Heroes find their worlds merged into one ruled by a tyrannical government known as the Imperial Planets. They find out that the ruler of this world is the man known in the Enterprise crew's universe as Flint and in the Legion's universe as Vandal Savage. A time-traveling Q was captured by the. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard is a first-person shooter set in the universe of Star Trek during the time of The Next Generation.The game was developed by MicroProse in 1998, using the Unreal game engine.The critical response to the title was generally positive with praise for the graphics, but mixed opinions of the level design Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes #2 (IDW, 2011) VF Cover A Phil Jiminez A2. $7.23. shipping: + $9.21 shipping . IDW Comics Star Trek Green Lantern Series Crossover - Books 2-6 - Event 2015. $6.29. $6.99. shipping: + $8.00 shipping . Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #1 (of 6) Comic Book DC - IDW. $3.99 . shipping: + $2.95 shipping . Last one. Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #6 (of 6) Cover A. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components. You can help to expand this page by adding an image or additional information. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard; Developers; MicroProse: Mac OS (Classic) Westlake Interactive: Engines; Unreal Engine 1. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #5 is at your local comic shop on Wednesday, February 15th. The final issue of the mini-series is scheduled for publication March 21. A hardcover collection will.

The Legion of Merit is a military decoration of the Federation armed forces that is awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. The decoration is issued both to UFP military personnel and to military and political figures of foreign governments. External links Edit. Legion of Merit article at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Star Trek as a franchise looked as if it was going to be as everywhere and in your face as Star Wars at one point, with a planned movie by Quentin Tarantino, a planned fourth movie in the reboot. Dies ist das Zuhause der Schweizer Star Trek Community. Hier findest du alle Infos zu unserem Lieblingsthema Star Trek Hier findest du alle Infos zu unserem Lieblingsthema Star Trek Star Trek vs. Legion of Super-Heroe The Legion of Honor no longer refers to itself by its full name, so I'm going to rename the article to reflect and updating the lede. Not expecting it to be controversial so I'm not initiating a move discussion, but let me know if you have any questions please. Kevin Gorman 00:23, 28 January 2014 (UTC) Film Appearence

A MATTER OF HONOR 2-PACK UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS / KLINGON BLOODWINE. Our two new releases brought together; A ceremonial Klingon Bloodwine, featuring a dramatic silk screen design and hand dipped wax finish pays homage to the three pillars of Klingon Culture; honor, duty and tradition. Together with our new Limited Edition / individually numbered United Federation of Planets Sauvignon. A Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover. Featuring the crew from the U.S.S. Enterprise - A and the Legion of Super-Heroes. During a transporter accident the crew of the Enterprise is beamed.

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This page contains a list of all the comics included in Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 1: (2011-2012) (published by IDW Publishing). If you have found something that is not seen on this page, please add it to this list Star Wars Legion 800 pt Battle Report. March 4, 2020 | Chris Masucci | Gaming, Star Wars Legion. By Chris Masucci. It has taken me quite some time to get around to playing Fantasy Flight's licensed star wars ground combat offering, Star Wars Legion. Being pitched as a small scale skirmish game centering around a few fire teams, a commander and a vehicle or two, Legion sells itself as a light. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes är alltså en så kallad crossover-serie. IDW/Eaglemoss har gett ut några sådana Star Trek-varianter, som ett slags specialutgåvor i sin längre, sammanhängande serie av Star Trek Graphic Novels. Här finns äventyr med Gröna lyktan och Apornas planet. Men det album jag fastnade för var alltså det med Legion of Super-Heroes, eller Rymdens Hjältar som.

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Star Trek Ego Shooter - alles Retro? Nach einem Attentat auf Kanzler Gowron schickt das klingonische Reich die Klingon Honor Guard los, um die Attentäter ausfindig zu machen. Als Rekrut der Ehrengarde muss sich der Spieler durch 20 Missionen kämpfen. Die Areale sind alle relativ groß und trotz der betagten Unreal (1) Engine kommt. DESCRIPTION OF STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION KLINGON HONOR GUARD. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard is an action game released in 1998 by MicroProse Software. The game was released for Macintosh and PC (Windows). In the game we play the role of a first-year student of the Honor Guard. This is the most elite group of warriors and bodyguards of the great emperor. It looks like. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes. Star Trek/Legion of Super-heroes #1 Review. Spock and Brainiac 5 walk into a space bar... By Joshua Yehl. Updated: 18 Jan 2012 6:37 pm. Posted: 19 Oct 2011 11:45. While Star Trek found a new lease of life on the big screen in 2009, it had been more than a decade since the last TV show in the long-running sci-fi franchise when Star Trek: Discovery premiered. Star Trek fans will want to exit warp speed and head for the nearest starbase on July 11th for the all-day live streaming event Day of Honor hosted on the Queue Times Twitch channel.. The Day of Honor is being organized by Star Trek Online, Modiphius, Eaglemoss, and the Streampunks, and will be focused on honoring the Klingons of Star Trek canon.. Multiple Star Trek alumni, video and.

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  1. STAR TREK / LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (TOS) STAR TREK / LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (TOS) Panini, 2013, 164 Seiten. Autor: Chris Roberson. Zeichner: Jeffrey Moy. Tusche: Philip Moy. Übersetzung: Christian Heiss. Softcover: Limitiertes Hardcover: Vom Umschlagtext: Bizarr-geniales Crossover: Die original Crew der ersten Enterprise und die Legion der Superhelden entdecken, dass jemand den Verlauf ihrer.
  2. Star Trek: Legion of Super-Heroes #1 - Ebook written by Chris Roberson. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Star Trek: Legion of Super-Heroes #1
  3. Get this from a library! Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes. [Chris Roberson; Jeffrey Moy] -- The crew of the Starship Enterprise and the Legion of Super-Heroes come face to face as they deal with a changed history and timeline of which neither knows the cause--Page 4 of cover

Reprints Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1-6 (October 2011-March 2012). A crisis in time has occurred and Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Kid, Shadow Lass, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Brainiac-5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes are displaced along with Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov of Starfleet on an Earth that neither group recognizes. With aspects that resemble both of their. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes. Por Jose Ramón Carballal 22 julio, 2011. 6. 183. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp . Tumblr. Telegram. Este mes de octubre, dos visiones del futuro se darán la mano en un proyecto conjunto de IDW y DC comics, y que llevará por título Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes. IDW, que será la encargada de publicar la mini-serie de 6 números, anunció el comic. Star Trek: Debt of Honor is a 1992 Star Trek Expanded Universe graphic novel by DC Comics, written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Adam Hughes, Karl Story, and Tom Mc Craw.. The narrative of the novel is told in a series of flashbacks from a Framing Device a few months after Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.As the crew of USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) join hands with the Romulans and Klingons.

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Star Trek. Die Zock Stube VR - Star Trek Bridge Crew 18. Dezember 2019 Meike Ziesecke 0. Patrick zeigt euch das gerade für die Quest erschienene StarTrek Bridge Crew. Durchsucht die VR-Legion. Suche nach: So kannst du uns unterstützen: Virtuelle Kaffeekasse per Paypal; Affiliate Link zu Amazon - bestellen ohne extra Gebühren und wir erhalten eine Provision ; Unterstütze uns regelmäßig. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes (Panini, B.) Hardcover 40,00 € Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes (Panini, Br.) Softcover 15,00 € Filtern Sortierung: Filter schließen . Produkte anzeigen Preis von 15 bis 40 Produkte anzeigen Artikel pro Seite: Unsere Zustands-Angaben. z1. z1-2. z2. z3. z0-2. Für die Filterung wurden keine Ergebnisse gefunden!. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1. Like chocolate and peanut butter, it was just a matter of time until someone put these groups together. Of course if you don't like chocolate or peanut butter. . . By Doug Zawisza Oct 19, 2011. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. Time spheres and transporters sure make for convenient universe-crossing plot devices. Naturally, with any crossover between. Star Trek: Debt of Honor is an original graphic novel in which Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise TM find themselves teamed with Klingons and Romulans against a galactic threat that has been hushed up by their respective governments. Product details. Comic: 92 pages; Publisher: DC Comics; 1st edition (December 1992) Language: English; ISBN-10: 1563890313; ISBN-13: 978-1563890314.

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Patrick verlost einen weiteren Key für Star Trek Brindge Crew auf der Oculus Quest. Medien- Passion - Gewinnspiel Star Trek Bridge Crew 24. Dezember 2019 Meike Ziesecke 0. Hier gibt es Star Trek Bridge Crew aus dem Oculus Store zu Gewinnen. Die Zock Stube VR - Star Trek Bridge Crew 18. Dezember 2019 Meike Ziesecke 0. Patrick zeigt euch das gerade für die Quest erschienene StarTrek Bridge. eBook Shop: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Day of Honor #2: Armageddon Sky von L. A. Graf als Download. Jetzt eBook herunterladen & mit Ihrem Tablet oder eBook Reader lesen The Legion of Honour (French: Légion d'honneur, IPA: [leʒjɔ̃ dɔnœʁ]) is the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits, established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte and retained by all later French governments and régimes.. The order's motto is Honneur et Patrie (Honour and Fatherland), and its seat is the Palais de la Légion d'Honneur next to the Musée d'Orsay, on. Gene Roddenberry's space explorers join forces with DC Comics' 30th-century superteam in Star Trek: Legion of Super-Heroes, a six-issue sci-fi crossover comic that seems strangely overdue. Check. Code of Honor (sh. Kodeks časti) je 4. epizoda američke science fiction TV-serije Star Trek: The Next Generation, premijerno prikazana 12. oktobra 1987. godine.Radnja prikazuje kako posada USS Enterprise prilikom diplomatske misije na planeti Ligon, čiji je cilj dobavljanje spasonosnog cjepiva, zapadne u probleme kada jedan od njenih glavara zarobi poručnicu Yar kako bi od nje učinio.

Star Trek Legion of Superheroes #6A VF 2012 Stock Image. Published 2012 by IDW Publishing. Grade: VF. This is a mid grade item. It will have a few minor defects and will generally appear to be in slightly used but not roughly used condition. Most comics, magazines, and books published in the past 30 years that have been read but carefully handled and stored will fall in this grade range. in Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes TPB (IDW, 2013 series) (June 2013), (June 2013) View: Large Edit cover. Cover gallery [no title indexed] (Table of Contents: 1) Star Trek; Legion of Super-Heroes / comic story / 22 pages (report information) Script Chris Roberson Pencils Jeffrey Moy Inks Philip Moy Colors Romulo Fajardo, Jr.. The Klingon Empire allows examinations of honor, duty and the dirty truths of politics in the Star Trek franchise in ways the good guy Federation rarely could. Fans can create their own stories in.

25.11.2019 - T'hy'la, honor me... T'hy'la, honor me.. Star Trek 4: Fargo-Showrunner dreht neuen Film Quelle: Paramount Pictures 20.11.2019 um 19:12 Uhr von Andreas Bertits - Noah Hawley, der für die Serien Fargo und Legion verantwortlich zeichnet.

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Legion and Star Trek: Discovery have been nominated for the 77th annual Peabody Awards, which recognize the most compelling storytelling across television, radio and online media. Produced by FX Productions and Marvel Television, Legion centers on David Haller (Dan Stevens), a powerful mutant mistakenly diagnosed with schizophrenia who, after years in and out of psychiatric institutions. On July 11th, prepare your blood wine and your bat'leths. It will be a Day of Honor. In honor of our favorite warriors for Kahless, Star Trek Online, Eaglemoss, Modiphius, and the Streampunks are all teaming up to hold an all day streaming event, featuring some of your favorite Trek stars and a whole heaping helping of honorable battle. We're excited to have you join us for the event, live.

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Star Trek - Debt of Honor Facsimile Edition (2020) : Don't miss the classic Star Trek tale by comic legends Chris Claremont and Adam Hughes. In this stunning adventure, Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise find themselves teamed up with the Klingons and Romulans to fight a galactic threat that no government dares admit exists Legion creator Noah Hawley is in final talks with Paramount Pictures to write and direct the next Star Trek film.. As reported by Deadline, Hawley, through his 26 Keys production banner, will. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes (2011) #2 #6. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes (2011) #6. Page 1 1 2 » Search for: More Comics. Archie (1960) #289; Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010) #78; Archie's Jokebook Magazine (1953) #186; Scooby-Doo! Team-Up (2013) #38; Archie at Riverdale High (1972) #91; Little Archie (1956) #141; Scooby-Doo Where Are You! (1970) #2; Scooby-Doo, Where Are You. Wegen schwieriger Vertragsverhandlungen geriet das Projekt zwischenzeitlich ins Schlingern: Nun soll Fargo- und Legion-Autor Noah Hawley den vierten Teil der Star Trek-Neuauflage übernehmen

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #4 IDW Publishing · Jan 4th, 2012 · $3.99 Working together to find a way back to their respective timelines, the Starfleet officers and Legionnaires have split into two teams, with members of both groups on each team Star Trek- Legion of Super-Heroes may seem like a strange crossover, but the writers wove the two universes together well. With its entertaining story, engaging artwork, and well-crafted characters, this is one of those good comic book crossovers that no one knew they wanted. [amazon template=iframe image&asin=1613776608] Positives + Entertaining, well done crossover + Simple, colorful art. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes IDW mini-series. IDW and DC Comics present a six-issue crossover mini-series beginning October 2011. Phil Jimenez, will provide covers for the entire series, while each issue will also feature variant covers from classic Legion of Superheroes artists such as Keith Giffen, Steve Lightle, and Mike Grell, as well as IDW mainstay and Best Artist Eisner-nominee. Star Trek Legion: Our activities include: the researching of solid state and fusion reaction space craft propulsion systems for economical deep space exploration, the developing of water and waste reconversion methods which will provide alternatives to present public utilities and pollution control, provide advances in medical instrumentation, new methods in food synthesis and agricultural.

  Star Trek Online Awards and descriptions. When you join the Alpha Omega (AO) Legion you have the chance to earn awards and ribbons to be shown on your profile Academic: The Academic awards are awards given to members of AO Legion Star Trek:Online that complete certain academic achievements while attending the Starfleet Academy at Starbase 31 Having been closed for months due to the shelter-in-place mandate, two of San Francisco's most popular museums — the de Young and the Legion of Honor — are now set to reopen. The de Young museum opens to the public on Sept. 25, with the Legion of Honor to follow in mid-October

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When Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) began its run as a television series, it did so at well below warp speed. The first two seasons of TNG are famously weak, offering only a couple decent installments within dozens of mostly-forgettable episodes. It can be hard to believe that such a fantastic, iconic television show was founded on such murky material The Full Run: Usagi Yojimbo - The Ronin Part 1. Daniel Gehen. September 11, 202 ‎IDW Publishing and DC Comics are proud to present the greatest tale of the 23rd century! Or is that the 31st century? The crew of the Starship: Enterprise and the Legion of Super-Heroes come face to face as they deal with a changed history and timeline that neither knows the cause of. Traveling to Star Trek meets The Legion of Superheroes IDW In the DC Comics Universe, the Legion of Superheroes is a future team of time-travelers from the 30th and 31st centuries who come back to the past.

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Patch for Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard. Original patch notes: Quote ***** Klingon Honor Guard V1.1 Release Notes ***** Please report any errors or problem with the patch by e-mail.. STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPERHEROES is a new IDW comic crossing over the IDW license for Star Trek and the DC comic Legion Of Superheroes, from the Great Darkness Saga. Written by Chris Roberson and.

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Synopsis for Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes Edit. plot summary on Memory Beta; Notes Edit. The events herein seem to be happening directly after the Great Darkness Saga. Trivia Edit. No trivia. See Also. Write your own review of this comic! Discuss Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 1 2 on the forums; Cover gallery for the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes series ; Recommended Reading. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard è un VideoGioco di Genere Azione sviluppato da MicroProse Software, Inc. e pubblicato da MicroProse Software, Inc. nel 1998 per Sistema Operativo Windows. Il gioco ha come Tema SciFi / Futuristico,Sparatutt Originally published as Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes issues #1-6.IDW Publishing and DC Comics are proud to present the greatest tale of the 23rd century!Or is that the 31st century? As you'll see here, it's both! Eisner-nominated writer Chris Roberson and Star Trek and Legionnaires veteran artist Jeffrey Moy partner up to bring you the most bizarre partnership of any century! The crew.

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Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes is a truly good buy, and you should. Do it now! The review has finished, so go and buy it! I can wait all day! Villordsutch - Follow me on Twitter. Share. Originally published as Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes issues #1-6. Description: 1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 27 cm: Series Title: Star trek. Other Titles: Legion of Super-Heroes: Responsibility: written by Chris Roberson ; pencils by Jeffrey Moy ; inks by Philip Moy ; colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr. ; letters by Chris Mowry, Shawn Lee, and Robbie Robbins ; series edits by Chris. KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - International movie star Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh is now a Commander of the Legion of Honour.. Read more at straitstimes.com

Star Trek Star Trek Attack Wing; Star Wars Imperial Assault; Star Wars Armada; Star Wars Legion ; X-Wing Miniatures Game Test of Honour; Weiss Schwarz; Yu-Gi-Oh; Star Wars Legion. Home; Star Wars Legion Figure Cases Dreadnought Army Figure Case (XL) Tyrant Army Figure Case (L) Defender Figure Case (M) Kingmaker Figure Case (M) Skirmisher Figure Case (S) Companion Skirmish Case (S. STAR TREK FAN @ TUMBLR Hailing frequencies open. Aggregating Star Trek fan news, information, and scifi fun.Follow @star_trek While Star Trek has been keen to address social issues over the years, most people would probably agree that not every episode hits the mark. TrekMovie.com reported on the GalaxyCon event in which some of the actors called out the TNG season one episode Code of Honor for being racially insensitive A page for describing YMMV: Star Trek: The Next Generation S1 E3 Code of Honor. Accidental Innuendo: Almost certainly accidental, but after the Ligonians

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